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Regional Transportation District (RTD), Denver
Project: FasTracks Public Information (2012-present)

In January 2012, RTD-Denver chose Virtegic as the lead Public Information (PI) agency for the transit authority's coveted FasTracks program. Since that time, Virtegic staff, several of whom are embedded with RTD personnel, have worked diligently with RTD management to assess the human resources, structure, and programmatic capability of the public information staff to support the agency's $5 billion+ regional investment. Work in progress or examples of work to-date include:

  • Updated "crisis communication" process. Also developed and conducted training exercises for key personnel.
  • Developed analytical systems for measuring the outcomes of our media, web and social media outreach.
  • Expanded the underutilized data base management system to capture, classify and report all contact with all constituents. System migrated from Excel spreadsheets to be fully computerized and is now being considered for future use by base system public relations.
  • Diversified public outreach efforts through an extensive fairs and festivals program and pro-active speakers' bureau.
  • Implemented term limits for the Citizen's Advisory Committee so a more representative coalition could be shaped.
  • Developed the strategic priorities that guide public information activities.
  • Facilitated the improvement of the quality of printed and electronic collateral materials so the RTD FasTracks and RTD brand were more integrated and the content was carefully crafted and more accurate.


Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy
Project: Research & Analysis (2010-11)

Retained by the tri-federal consortium to review barriers and subsequent "best practice" solutions germane to the use of small minority-owned businesses by the agencies and their local grantee partners. Reviewed and analyzed program elements in more than a dozen local jurisdictions across the nation. Based on the findings, Virtegic was able to present a substantial number of innovative program concepts significant for greater inclusion of minority and women-owned small businesses. And while the study did not substantiate an early hypothesis that "race" was a major inhibiting factor, we were, however, able to uncover exceptional "best practice" models for effective implementation across agency jurisdictions.

U.S. Census Bureau
Project: Media Planning & Placement (2009-10)

Virtegic played a key role in helping the Bureau in its mission of attracting 60,000 census takers across the eight-state western region in support of the 2010 decennial statistical review. The two-year project encompassed media planning and buying—from print to outdoor to radio. Based partially on our work, the Census Bureau met its recruitment objective 90 days ahead of schedule.

U.S. Air Force
Project: Marketing Development (2006-07)

Worked with the service branch to revitalize its small business outreach program. Conducted research that isolated various issues and weaknesses in the small business utilization process, and introduced USAF new programmatic concepts for re-engaging the small business sector, a significant portion of which was moving away from Air Force and federal government contracting because of what was perceived to be a hostile market environment. A side bar to this assignment was the fact that USAF was cutting back on the number of very-small vendors while trying to attract larger small business providers. To help counter negative reactions to the change, Virtegic presented data to support a shift from a heavy emphasis on IT to Light Manufacturing. We also presented a special program concept that targeted returning Middle East veterans.

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